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Maren and Katie


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KidLifting DVD

for parents and toddlers

No Special Equipment Needed, Just One Special Kid!
(Recommended for 1-3 year olds.)

Rock 'n' Roll Nursery Rhyme Soundtrack

3 Different Ways to Use This KidLifting DVD

  • 15 Minute Total Body Workout (including warm up and cool down)
  • Multiple Circuits for 30 or 45 Minute Workouts
  • Incorporate the Exercises Into Your Day!

3 Different Tracks

  • Workout with Rock ‘n’ Roll Nursery Rhyme Soundtrack
  • Workout with Soundtrack and Interactions Between Maren & Katie
  • Separate Detailed Instruction Track

Extra Features

  • Safely Lifting Your Kid (Save your back by learning safe lifting techniques you can use every day!)
  • Interview With KidLifting Creator, Maren Sederquist, MES, CSCS, CPT

FREE Bonuses

  • How to Lift Your Kid Without Hurting Your Back
  • Ideas for Encouraging Your Kid to Exercise With You
  • How to Lift Your Kid to Higher Nutrition
  • How to Lift Your Kid to Higher Self-Esteem

Scene Times

  • Introduction :41
  • Before You Start 1:56
  • Instructions With Workout 23:22
  • Workout With Soundtrack and Interactions with Katie 15:22
  • Workout With Soundtrack Ony 15:22
  • Safely Lifting Your Kid 1:25
  • Interview With KidLifting Creator 5:53


Also available: KidLifting eBook

Fitness. Play. Together.